Android Game Video Mock-up

Get a video like this!

Based on the mock-up shown above we can create a 100% unique video for your mobile game. It works well for puzzle, board and trivia games but the limit is the sky, so who knows… We can change the speed of the video, we can cut some parts, we can add new parts and many other options. The advantage is that the production price is between €200-400 and a turnaround between 2-8 business days. We’ll take care of the following:

We’ll play your game as long as necessary to learn it

We’ll make the proper screen recordings based on your specifications

We’ll create a custom design for the video based on the game’s graphics

We’ll adapt the typography based on your game’s typography

This video mock-up works only with the displayed device (an android one). If your app works on other platforms check out the other video mock-ups we have or just drop us an email with your thoughts and we’ll create a brand new video mock-up.

Videos created with this Mock-up

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