Urban Mobile App Promo


Please read the description carefully. Some projects may require extra plugins which are not free.


The Urban App Promo is a modern mobile app template created in After Effects CS6. No more poor App Videos! It’s time to make the best impression to your customers with this lovely app promo.

This template works with an android device (Samsung Edge) and an iPhone 6, this means that you can replace the iPhone with the Samsung and viceversa.

To make the things even easier, we offer a limited number of Free Customizations: 50. Even if you don’t have After Effects, you still can have a nice presentation for your app, for free if you purchase this template.

What do you get?

  • The template Created in After Effects CS6
  • No plugins required
  • Video Tutorials included, very easy to follow
  • 2 phones: iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Edge
  • Simply insert your pictures/videos on the phone’s screens, replace the texts and add some pictures/videos as background and that’s it
  • Screen Animation for Opening the app (both iOS and Android versions)
  • A Free Customization (make sure you are between the first 50 ones)
  • Video Support (ask us your problem and we’ll make a video response)

Urban-Cube-App-Promo-1 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-2 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-3 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-4 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-5 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-6 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-7 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-8 Urban-Cube-App-Promo-9



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