Advertise Your App – Story 3

What is The Appres?

The Appres is a series of After Effects CS6 templates dedicated to all kind of Mobile Apps. Our mission is to replace the old/low quality app videos from the internet with the Appres videos. Our effort is to make these templates as easy as possible to customize so anyone can handle them even without After Effects knowledge.

How to use this template?

You can leave the template as it is (the modules’s order and the typography compositions) and just insert your App’s screenshots/videos on the screens instead of the dummy content we created for the preview. Then, with our Animation Presets, you can make the screens to pop-up in different ways, add hover effects on buttons or pictures when the finger taps them. Basically we’ve created the structure for your app’s design

Or, you can replace any modules you don’t like with new modules. You have a total of 22 different modules (different angles, different screen parts, typography modules). The projects comes with premade animations of installing the app from App Store and Play Store, open the app from iOS and Android home screens, notifications screens and many more.