Regardless your age, sex and profession – we all have the same thing in common. We’re all breaking our phones. How and where? That’s the only difference.
See 3 different stories with 3 different persons who end up in the same place: in the queue, at your Store, for fixing their phones.

3 Stories, 10 Combinations, Unlimited Variations

Use the video as a whole, or create videos with each story. You can also combine 2 stories and use any kind of Call To Action you prefer.

Customization Options


Writing a new Script

Do you want to make some changes to the script? No worries, we’ll rewrite it for you!

Voice Over

Do you think the VO we have used is not working for you? We’ll find another voice actor!

Music and SFX

Not a big fan of the music we used for these previews? Tell us your suggestions and we’ll add them to your videos.

1. Changing the Intro texts

2. Changing content inside the screen

3. Chagning the Phone model

4. Changing the content inside the screen

5. Changing the content inside the screen

6. Changing the Phone model

7. Changing the Phone model

8. Changing the Phone Model & adding Content inside the screen

9. Changing the Logo with yours


The very last part can be customized however you want. You tell us and we’ll create a brand new look. Bellow are a few examples


I recently heard 3 funny stories:


A mother worked really hard the whole year so she could raise money for her son’s Christmas gift. The boy wanted a smartphone and his wish came true. After only two days, the kid dropped the phone and the screen cracked… Just imagine what happened next…


I also heard that this guy was so excited by his new phone. He was so excited that he climbed a tree for the Supreme Selfie. However, what he didn’t know is that last evening had.. rained.  Now his screen is no more than just a mosaic made of expensive glass.


And I also know a woman, an entrepreneur, which had no pockets of the size of her phone so she chose to put it in the back pocket of her jeans. Overwhelmed by the excitement of the meeting with a possible investor, she hurries up to sit down and …. crack. I think that hurt.

But do you know where I’ve heard all these stories? At the queue of Service GSM. My name is John and I fix the broken screen of your phone.


Visit and make an appointment at the closest address from your house!


Facebook Ads

Facebook has become the most important place where you can advertise your local business. The very detailed targeting options can make your ad appear only on the newsfeed of people that are living around the store.

Youtube Ads

Are you familiar with Pre Rol Ads? The very short, animated and engaging videos will assure you that the viewer won’t skip your Ad and he will watch it until the end. Place a promo code in the CTA to see how effective the ad is.

Local TV Station Ads

Studios are charging over 20k for a complete marketing campaign. Then you have to pay for broadcasting. This could go very expensive. WIth us you save the money on the creation of the videos and advertise your business like the ‘Big Guys’.



You'll receive an exclusive video campaign consisting in 10 videos (each possible combination)


Customization of each video and all kind of call to actions based on your preferences


Use this marketing campaign 2-3 times per year to maximize the profits, don't limit yourself just at once.


2 Months of FREE CHANGES for testing purposes. See how the videos converts and ask for adjustments.


Ability to change the script, replace the voice over and the music. All included in the price mentioned above.


You'll also receive the After Effects project files. Make as many changes you want without spending any extra money.


Create marketing campaigns to attract new clients and boost your sales.

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About us?

We are s’UP Production, a small studio in Romania, Europe and we produce explainer videos for companies all over the world. Working with clients sometimes can be a bit frustrating because they limit us in developing some creative ideas, that’s why we wanted to make the things a bit different. We started producing marketing video campaings like the one above, exactly as we want them to look and then finding the best companies to use them. You are one of them, so let’s hope you’ll find this pretty interesting and know how to take an advantage when you see it.

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Razvan Chitu

CEO & Animator

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Loreta Chitu

PR & Social Media Expert

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Radu Chiruta

Ilustrator and Animator

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