How to suck as a freelancer!

It happens from time to time to be so busy that we need an extra hand so we thought that a Freelancer may be the best solution rather than hiring new guys. In the following lines I am going to tell you my experiences with the freelancers I have hired and why it is...

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My video is ready. Now what?

Richard van den Boogaard from ReelSEO wrote an in-depth analysis where he examined what’s best for your video marketing campaign: should the video be Hosted (on your own site) or Posted on video platforms like YouTube? The article, written 5 years ago, was relevant...

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Free After Effects Projects

s’UP suppers? Looking to spark up your website with a nice video but you don’t have any money right now? Here is a list of some projects we have for you, hopefully one of them will work for now, helping you to get your message cross your audience and maybe...

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OK, I would like to contact you to talk more about my video

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