Introducing The Appres

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We spoke few months ago about a template for mobile apps and we weren’t so happy with the final result. We said that we want to improve it a lot and make it available for you only when we’re 100% happy with the result. Well…this is ....


Do you have a mobile app? We give you a free video

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We are in the final steps of producing a highly customized template dedicated for all kind of mobile apps (both for android and iPhone) and we need to test it to see if it’s working properly. We’re looking to produce 3 test videos for 3 d....


Get a Quote Options Explained

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Finally, after months of waiting, our new website is ready. During this time we have thought how to cover a wider area of businesses, not only big businesses but also the startups and small businesses that can’t afford to spend a lot of money for a....


Welcome Aboard, Mario!

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We’re happy to present you our last ‘acquisition’. His name is Mario Lucian Andreano and is a very talented music composer from Romania. We have collaborated with him at our last 2 videos and we were more than happy with his services. Mario Luc....


BlueToad Animation

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We’re delighted to present you our latest animation made for BlueToad Inc. Their product helps publishers to build strong audience relationships by delivering their digital content to readers worldwide. What makes this video so special is the f....


Updates on Ultimate App Bundle Premade

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We have announced for few times on Facebook that we work on a new premade video and we said that it will be available very soon. The project we’re talking about is specially created for mobile app businesses and the goal was to launch it before Dec....


4 Crucial Steps for Creating a Storyboard

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When I’ve joined s’UP team (for a totally different position) I didn’t had even a single clue that before making a professional video, there are some necessary steps that need to be done. One day I was asked to give my feedback regardin....


90% OFF Premade Videos

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Because the winter is coming, we’ve prepared an awesome deal for you guys! What would you say if we offer you the chance to create a video for your business only with a few bucks? Sounds crazy, right? Here’s the deal: We have a total of 15 pr....


Creating a video vs Running a marathon

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Because it’s my first post on the blog, I will choose to talk about one of my favorite subjects and that is how you can prepare a video from a mentally point of view. This article is intended to all the beginners, the ones who would like to create ....


5 Essential Tips for an Effective Video Script

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As a full-service production company, s’UP offers script writing as part of our service. While we always consult with our clients before writing, your video will be much more effective if we handle the script writing. A lot of clients come to us wi....