As a full-service production company, s’UP offers script writing as part of our service. While we always consult with our clients before writing, your video will be much more effective if we handle the script writing.

A lot of clients come to us with a script already in mind. After all, they know all of the features that they offer, and it’s hard to believe that someone else would mention all of them. But a script is much more than a list of features. Your script has to be short – similar to the elevator pitch you’ve probably spent some time working on. But it also has to engage the viewer and answer some important questions for them. The script also has to be written in such a way that the animation going along with it flows naturally so that they work together to sell your message. 

Understanding your message

Before we even start the conceptual work for the script and storyboard, we learn everything we need to about you company. We’ll ask you questions about your products or services, your unique selling proposition, your competitors and your customers.
Our goal is to speak directly to your prospects and ultimately answer the question that they’re constantly asking themselves: “What’s in it for me?”
We’ll focus on their pain points and immediately show them that you are the answer they’ve been looking for.

Keeping it simple

In an article or white paper, formal language is expected, but in a video you want to keep the language simpler. The viewer, after all, is paying attention to both the audio and the video, and you want them to absorb everything at once. We pride ourselves on delivering your message in such a way that the viewer feels an immediate connection and desire for the product or service.

Writing for video

There’s a good chance you have your company’s message written down in a compelling way on your website and in your marketing literature. Writing for video, however, presents unique challenges that don’t always translate.
Script-writing is usually not a one-shot deal. We (the script writers) work closely with our animators, so you can be sure that every word will translate perfectly to its visual counterpart.

Focusing on benefits, not features

This video is not an infomercial for your company, and simply listing out features won’t get your prospects excited enough to follow through. Our videos focus on the benefits to your prospects to lead them directly to the call to action.

Call to action

You know that all of your marketing material has to effectively lead your prospects in a certain direction. Whether it’s to a ‘more info’ page on your website or an order form to fill out, you have to constantly be telling them where they should go next. Your video is no exception. Since your video can be viewed on a website, via Facebook, on YouTube, or embedded anywhere else, it’s crucial that viewers know what they should do next. As part of our consultation process (and after we understand the purpose of the video), we’ll create the most effective call to action to lead viewers exactly where you want them to go.

Grabbing a prospect’s attention, convincing them you understand their problem and actually have a solution for it is the foundation of your video. Let our script writers engage your viewers and lead them to the next step in their buying process.


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